When you are preparing to teach nursing classes, there are always going to be several things to keep in mind. You want to make nursing classes as useful and interesting as possible, but you also want to be sure that you are getting the information out there as well as you can.

Look over the criteria that the students need to know for your nursing class. For instance, is your class on general patient care? Then, look over the standards in that area that they must learn. If your class is in nursing procedures, look over the standards that they must know.

Write down the main things that the nursing students must learn from your class. For example, you might write subjects such as how to care for patients in the ER; how to care for patients in long-term care; and how to care for patients in surgery recovery.

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Divide your class into sections, depending on the number of main points you have to cover. In the above example, the class would be taught in three main sections.

Within each section, decide on a number of important points. For the first section of the first example, for instance, your main points might include assessing the condition of the patient, taking patient vitals, taking a patient history, and assisting doctors with the patient care. This means that this section will have four main lessons.

For each lesson, go through the nursing exam for your state to see what types of questions appear that match the lesson you are going to be teaching. Write lesson plans that revolve around those particular questions. Be sure that each lesson has a beginning, middle and end. Also be sure that each lesson has a practical part in it, or something that your nursing students can practice.

Make sure there is an assessment that you can use for each lesson.


  • You can take more than one class period for each lesson if you need to.
  • Don't try to cover everything on the test. Each student will have more classes


  • Never teach a class that does not leave time for questions.

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