What Is the GMAT?

GMAT is short for Graduate Management Admission Test. Almost all graduate schools will require applicants to submit GMAT scores as part of the admissions process. The GMAT is made up of three sections: the analytical writing assessment, the quantitative section and the verbal section. The test is taken on the computer at a GMAT testing facility. The analytical writing assessment contains two writing prompts, each taking 30 minutes. The quantitative section allows test-takers 75 minutes to finish 37 multiple-choice questions. The verbal section has 41 questions and also takes 75 minutes. The overall score will range from 200 to 800. Each section of the test has its own score. The verbal and quantitative scores range from zero to 60. The writing score does not influence the total score and ranges from zero to six.

Getting Your Score

Since the test is taken on the computer, unofficial scores for the objective sections and the total are available right after the test is finished. The writing score is unable to be calculated immediately because that section is calculated manually.

When signing up for the test, test takers must indicate whether they want to receive their official test scores online or in the mail. If online is selected, they will be emailed about 20 days after the test a link where the test taker can go to view the score report online. If the score is sent by mail, it will be generally be mailed 20 days after the test, but the mailed score will generally take longer to reach the test taker because of the time in transit.

Sending Scores to Graduate Schools

If you selected your scores to be sent to schools when you took the test, the score report will be mailed within 20 days of the test. The score report will contain a copy of all of your scores for tests taken within the past five years. If you did not select a school at the time of testing but need to send a score later, you may do so with the Additional Score Report option. Once you have ordered an additional score, the report will be sent along within a week.

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