Distributing awards to your third-grade students can really make an impact. It makes them feel accomplished, encouraging them to work hard knowing that their achievements are not going unnoticed. While in the past awards may have been limited and given out to a select few, it is possible to give awards to each student with a bit of creativity. Here are some awards that can be used to acknowledge third-grade students, catering to a variety of individual skills and traits.

Academic Awards

Awards can be given out to recognize excellence in academics. This may include awards such as "Outstanding Mathematician," for math, the "Thomas Edison Award" for excellence in science, or the "Rapid Reader" award for someone who did well in reading or English. As well as honoring those who achieved top marks in each subject, you can also award those who have improved the most in each area.

Creativity Awards

For the creative students in your class there are a few awards that can be given out. The "Michelangelo Award" can be given to a top artist, or someone who takes a great interest in art. The "Shakespeare Award" can be given to a student who takes an interest in writing. The "In Tune" award can be given to a musician in the class. You can give the "Entertainer" award to the student who always finds ways to keep the class entertained throughout the day. Take the talents of each individual student into consideration and develop awards to suit them.

Personality Awards

Each classroom has those few students who make the class unique. You can give the "Class Clown" award to the student who is always making jokes. The "Humanitarian" award can be given to the student who constantly displays kindness toward others. The "Team Player" award can go to a student who works well in groups. As each student is unique you can surely find an award for each of them.

Athletic Awards

Every class has a number of star athletes just waiting to take the spotlight. Give awards for excellence in each sport that has been played throughout the year, including everything from "Star Quarterback" for football to "Top Gymnast" for gymnastics. You can also acknowledge students for being the most sportsmanlike, or for being the best at skills such as jumping rope or dribbling a basketball.

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