School nurses work in public and private schools and care for students in the case of an accident, emergency or illness. School nurses administer necessary medications for a range of health conditions. They help students, families and the school community achieve optimal wellness through health education initiatives. A school nurse must set goals for a professional environment to serve students in the best way possible.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

While a school nurse is not required to hold a bachelor’s degree, it is often preferred. A school nurse can continue her education to ensure that the latest health care information is available. Any nurse that has not yet obtained a bachelor's of science in nursing might consider making it a goal for better job performance.

Knowledge of Health Conditions

Knowledge of various health conditions is a necessity for school nurses. Many illnesses, diseases or conditions that a student might experience are the school nurse’s responsibility, especially if the sickness requires the student to take medication during school hours. An awareness of health issues and the potential difficulties involved enables a nurse to determine when a problem requires a doctor's attention and will allow her to advise and calm the parents.

People Skills

Communication and interpersonal skills are essential for school nurses, who work with students, parents and teachers on a regular basis. The school nurse needs to inform parents about changes in children’s health, inform teachers when certain activities like a physical education class are too risky and educate students about the need to take care of their own health.

Join the State School Nurse Association

States have associations for school nurses that help new nurses learn from experienced ones and offer advice and support when needed. As a professional goal, joining the state’s association for school nurses is beneficial in that it can help a nurse find a mentor, work on any areas of weakness and help her align her personal aspirations with her professional objectives.

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