If a child is tired of reading books that are too easy or perhaps too difficult, then finding a book using her Lexile score can help eliminate that problem. State departments and test publishers create assessments that schools administer to obtain a child's Lexile level. This helps pair her with a book that is at an appropriate reading level. By taking some time to plug in information, the perfect books for a child's reading level appears. Read through the titles and see what books grab the attention of your child.

Visit Lexile's official website. This is a website that matches readers with books that are appropriate for their reading level.

Select the third tab from the left labeled "Tools" on the menu bar. On the drop down menu, select "Find a Book."

Enter the reader's Lexile measure or range. The Lexile measure is obtained by a reading test administered at schools and then matched with the Lexile measure assigned to books by a software. The two combined matches a book that is appropriately challenging for the reader, so by reading the book that is not too easy and not too hard, the child's reading skills improve.

Enter the reader's grade level if you don't have the Lexile measure or range. Select the button next to the statement that best describes the reader in the box.

Select the genre of books the reader enjoys. Book selections appear that are based on the reader's Lexile level. You have the choice to add it to your reading list, borrow it from a local library or purchase it.

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