It is not always easy learning how to spell words. Many students find it a challenge trying to build a vocabulary, but everyone definitely needs to know how to correctly spell words. Learning how to spell words requires studying, persistence and motivation but it is not impossible to do. With a little hard work, time and patience, it is possible to become a better speller. There are a few steps that will help you learn how to spell words.

Establish a regular study schedule. In order to learn how to spell words, you first need to create an appropriate study schedule to follow every week. You should begin learning new words slowly and do not try to learn too many words in a short amount of time. For example, maybe you can start by studying 10 new spelling words three times a week for one one and a half hours each day. Be sure to coordinate your study schedule around your other obligations and include your study schedule on your calendar.

Practice writing the words. If you want to become a better speller, then you need to practice, practice and practice. You should practice writing the list of spelling words until you have learned how to properly spell each one. This may require you to write each spelling word several times before moving on to the next word. Be sure to look up unfamiliar words in the dictionary so you can find out more about that word, such as the correct pronunciation, definition and how to use it in a sentence.

Find a study partner to help you with your spelling words. You can ask one of your classmates, friends or siblings to help you learn to spell words. Perhaps someone can read each word to you one at a time and you can spell the words back to him.

Write sentences using the words. Once you have learned how to spell all of the words on the list, try writing a sentence for each word. Be sure to keep the sentences simple and make sure each sentence is logical and makes sense.

Review the spelling words. At the end of the week, be sure to look over all of the words that you learned during that entire week. Do not move on to another group of words until you have conquered that list. You may also choose to do a quick review each day before you start a new study session.

Visit online educational websites. There are a variety of educational websites that provide an abundance of spelling and word games, activities, quizzes and lessons that can help you learn how to spell words. See the Resources section for links. Many of these websites are free to use and you can log on to these sites at practically any location that has Internet access.

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