Learning sign language is no different from learning any other foreign language. It takes time and a lot of practice to learn it and be able to use it well. However, unlike many other foreign languages, sign language can easily be learned using pictures and sometimes descriptions of the motions. Sign language pictures are also more easily found on the Internet and in books. With a little practice and persistence, anyone can learn to speak in sign language.

Visit a website that offers pictorial instructions on learning sign language, such as lessontutor.com or masterstech-home.com.

Purchase or borrow a book that offers pictorial instructions for learning sign language, such as "American Sign Language the Easy Way" or "A Basic Guide to ASL."

Locate the letter, word or phrase you would like to learn. Many sign language dictionaries offer an alphabetical glossary to easily find what you are looking for.

Position your hands as shown in the picture. The picture will show you both where to put your hands and in what shape your hands should be held.

Move your hands in the direction of any arrows. Not all words or letters require motion. However, if motion is involved, the picture will have arrows indicating how and in which direction you should move your hands.

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  • Speak slowly with your hands. Speed is not essential to sign language. Clarity is more important for clear understanding.

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