Spanish is a very useful language to know. Being able to read Spanish will open up many opportunities to you. Through careful work and preparation, you can learn to read this widely-spoken language.

Understand that you can not simply learn to read Spanish. In order to understand what you read, you must have at least a rudimentary understanding of the grammar and rules of the language. Make the commitment to learn the language, and you should find it very rewarding.

Attend an immersion program. Immersion is the fastest way to learn a language. Either live in a Spanish-speaking country for a period of time, or attend an academic language immersion program.

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Attend regular classes. Classes at a university or college are quite useful. This will allow you to use the language with others, which will help you better grasp the language.

Use your computer. Software and online language programs are additional options. Some people find these tools very useful, however you should keep in mind that this will not provide you with the level of interaction that other options could provide.

Start reading books in Spanish once you have a basic understanding of the language. Start out with children's books. Once you've mastered these, test out your reading ability with magazines and novels. Keep a dictionary handy for unfamiliar words.


  • Keep in practice. Memorizing words really doesn't work if you never use them.

Things Needed

  • Classes
  • Software

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