Reading is an essential part of life. Children are learning to read at younger ages. In fact, many children already read by the time they enter kindergarten. Teaching a child to read is simple, if given the basic tools. Learning to read is not only challenging, but fun as well.

Hire a reading instructor. Learning to read requires a teacher. Once you learn the basic building blocks of reading, such as, letter sounds, meaning of words, grammar markers and overall word semantics, you'll then be able to read all by yourself. But in the beginning, someone is going to have to teach you.

Learn phonics, Sound out the sounds for each letter of the alphabet and letter combinations. Each letter has a different sound. Learning the sounds is the first step in learning how to read.

Purchase a reading activity book that has worksheets for practicing letter sounds. Some of these workbooks are filled with pages that require matching different words with their corresponding picture. This is a great way to see an actual word next to the object it represents. Visualization of words is a part of learning how to read.

Practice reading on your own as often as you can. Practice makes perfect. In the beginning, read with a partner. If you have trouble with a word, someone can help you sound it out.

Utilize the computer to learn how to read. Online programs provide phonics, language arts and word development. Programs such as Time 4 Learning offers learn-to-read programs that teach grammar, punctuation, reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

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