Learning the basics of any language can be a challenge. The best way is to begin with fundamental vocabulary words and gradually grow your knowledge of verbs and verb conjugation so as to begin to form sentences with ease.

Learn the fundamentals of the French alphabet and numbers. It will not be hard to learn the alphabet as it does not differ too much from the English alphabet. Still it will be helpful for you as you begin pronouncing vocabulary words.

Study easy vocabulary words in themes. For instance, begin by learning words about houses and household objects. A good example of this would be the words for all the rooms in a house, plus traditional objects (bed, bath, shower, pants, shirts, etc.)

Learn the basic foundational verbs of "to be," "to sit," "to want," etc. These will help you to begin formulating sentences using the vocabulary words that you begin to use.

Use vocabulary words for fruit, vegetables and different types of food. These are words that are used so frequently that it is easiest to learn them at the beginning of your study of the language.

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