Corporate head hunters are responsible for finding top talent to help companies edge out their competitors with superior customer service and innovative products. Though most head hunters have a college degree, there is no formal education requirement to break into this line of work. Instead, companies look for people who can get results by cultivating relationships and closing deals. Degrees in human resources, business and marketing can help aspiring head hunters develop the skills they need.

Human Resources

Recruiting is all about relationships with people, and a degree in human resources teaches students how to manage people. A human resources degree teaches students fundamentals that are essential to work as a head hunter, including the laws surrounding the hiring process, how to negotiate contracts, how to handle personnel conflicts and how to oversee collective bargaining. A human resources degree also includes courses in business, such as leadership training, business policy and finance, all of which can help recruiters develop professionally and provide additional service to their clients.

Business Administration

Business administration is a versatile degree that can be useful in a variety of professions, including head hunting. A business administration degree provides a broad foundation in business education, touching on subjects such as leadership, management, negotiating, contracts, sales, marketing, business planning and finances. Head hunters who major in business administration can not only better understand the needs of the clients they serve, but they can also learn valuable skills to better do their jobs, such as negotiation and marketing.

Sales and Marketing

Head hunters have to know how to find candidates for the jobs they are trying to fill, and they have to know how to convince those candidates to apply for those jobs and ultimately to accept the offers that might come their way. Therefore, it's essential that head hunters have strong marketing and sales skills. A degree in marketing can teach head hunters how to use online marketing, print advertisements, promotional events and other campaigns to attract the best candidates. It can also teach students top selling strategies so they can close the deal once they find those candidates.

Industry-Specific Degrees

Some head hunters start by gaining experience in the industry in which they wish to work. For example, head hunters for top financial companies may start their careers as financial analysts or advisers. Therefore, many head hunters may have degrees in the field in which they specialize, such as information technology or medical sales. By majoring in these fields, head hunters also gain insight into the specific needs of the companies they serve. They are better able to evaluate candidates because of their own experience or training in the field in which they are hiring.

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