Are you ready to take one of the most important tests of your educational journey? Preparing for the SAT can seem scary when you have so many other important things vying for your time, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Getting ready for a test isn’t as stressful as you may think it is, especially when you look at the test prep that is available. Thankfully Kaplan offers Kaplan SAT prep courses and Kaplan SAT classes to make sure you have the all tools you need to do your best.

Free Kaplan SAT Prep Courses

Ready to take the SAT and don’t feel as though you need Kaplan SAT classes or Kaplan SAT prep? If that’s the case, consider studying on your own with the free test prep materials available on the Kaplan website. Kaplan provides many free online resources such as free SAT 20-minute workouts, SAT turbo tests and pop quizzes. All of these resources are free of charge and can provide you with the extra prep needed to calm your nerves and get you ready for the big day.

Kaplan also provides additional free online SAT prep help through online sessions and in-person through special events throughout the year. To learn more about when the free in-person special events are happening, make sure to visit your school guidance office, or visit the Kaplan website for more information.

Other free online services are provided by Khan Academy. Khan Academy allows students to access all their SAT prep courses completely free online. Unfortunately, Khan Academy is only online, so there isn’t any opportunity to have in-person classes. But if you’re a student that does well with completely online learning, Khan Academy might be the right fit for you.

How Much Are SAT Prep Classes?

Should you need a little more help, online help is available starting at $30 and can help if you’re confident about your ability to take the test but want a little additional practice right before the test. If you simply want help at your own pace, when it’s most convenient to you, Kaplan SAT offers self-paced options starting at $299.

For further assistance, Kaplan offers SAT classes online or in-person starting at $899 that will allow you to prep with an expert teacher who is familiar with the test and helps prepare you for what to expect.

If money is not an obstacle, and you have the time and need a lot of one-on-one help, Kaplan also provides one-on-one tutoring starting at $2,099. This allows for in-person tutoring or online tutoring whenever it's most convenient for the student, and it provides an SAT prep course for no additional charge. Make sure you read the Kaplan SAT prep reviews first.

How Long Are SAT Prep Classes?

Generally, if you’re taking the courses online on your own time, they could last a half hour if you’re doing a quick review. However, if you’re working through an SAT prep course, it could be anywhere from an hour or more.

If you’re enrolled in an in-person class, these classes last an hour. However, when signing up for the basic SAT prep course package, you will receive 18 hours of live instruction and then 30 additional hours should you choose to use them of online instruction. Of course, it’s important to remember that the 18 hours of instruction don't happen all at once. They will take place during an assigned time at an assigned location.

Then of course, you’ll need to dedicate additional studying and practice time at your convenience to study using the course materials that are provided.

Kaplan SAT classes and Kaplan Prep courses can help you achieve your goal of doing your absolute best on your next SAT. While preparing for college with multiple admissions requirements can be costly and time consuming, it’s good to know that Kaplan provides many options from free to affordable to help ensure everyone has the tools to succeed.

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