In 1916 Lewis Termin developed the notion of IQ and a corresponding scale. The intelligence quotient attempts to define the capacity and power of the brain in unambiguous terms.

IQ Score

The average person has an IQ score of 100. Scores over 140 are considered in the genius range. Only one percent of the people in the world have a score over 135. Superior intelligence is around 115.

Normal Distribution

In a normal bell curve, 50 percent of IQs fall into the 90 to 110 range. Only 5 percent of the population has an IQ below 70.


About 1 in 400 people have an IQ considered genius (140 to 145). Nobel Prize winners usually fall in the 155 to 164 range. Anything above 165 is considered high genius. After a score of 200, the genius is immeasurable.

IQ and Professions

Philosophers have an average IQ of 160. Scientists; 159, fiction writers; 152, musicians; 153, artists; 149 and soldiers and average IQ of 136.

Famous People

John Stewart Mill is estimated to have an IQ of 200. Galileo would have hit about 185. Descartes coming in close behind at an IQ of 180. Darwin and Mozart had an IQ around 165 and Rembrandt at 155.

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