Introduce yourself to professors to create positive relationships with them, especially those in your field of interest. Whether through a simple email or after your first class, talking to your professor for the first time can create a path to success. Professors help you expand your knowledge and mastery in college and can also write letters of recommendation for work or graduate programs. Taking the time to let your major-field professors know who you are sends an important message: You value your education.

You've Got Email

Before the semester starts, send your professor an email to get the ball rolling. While the drawback is that often there is no face to go with your name or email address, you set the stage for establishing a presence in your classes. Include a brief introduction and explain why you are taking the course. Include any questions you have about the course. End with a positive address, such as "sincerely." When you talk to your professor later, she is likely to remember your email. If she doesn't, remind her.

First Class

Your first class with a professor is a great time to introduce yourself. After class is over, approach him and let him know who you are. By doing so, you show your professor that you have initiative and intend to participate in class. Talk about interesting points from the lecture to show that you are engaged and attentive. This is your opportunity to tell your professor about yourself, so mention major career goals or where you are from. If your professor is rushed after class, make an appointment with him during his office hours to introduce yourself.

Show Enthusiasm

When introducing yourself to a professor, talk about your interest in the course. Enthusiastic students are memorable. Your professor will appreciate that you find her course material worthwhile. An enthusiastic introduction can bode well for you later. When you need a letter of recommendation, your professor is likely to remember your zeal for her subject. Show that you value the course and are willing to put in time and effort to learn.

Title is Everything

Use your professor's correct title when introducing yourself. Such a small detail can make a world of difference. Using the wrong term doesn't respect the work professors put into getting their degrees. Refer to the syllabus to check the exact title your professor uses. If your professor has a doctorate, use "Doctor." If not, use courtesy titles -- Mr., Miss, Mrs. or Ms. If you aren't sure, use Professor.

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