The world of law is complex and full of rules and regulations that individuals must navigate. When preparing a presentation, consider a topic about the law that will likely prove of interest to your listeners. By selecting an engaging legal topic, you can make your presentation both informative and entertaining, allowing your listeners to learn something new as they hear you speak.

Affirmative Action

The topic of affirmative action is a hot one, making it an engaging topic. Affirmative action is controversial business-related legislation in which employers consider an applicant's race, gender or ethnicity in order to fill their rosters with individuals from minority groups. This is intended to ensure that all people have equal access to jobs, but some worry that it gives minorities an advantage over more-highly qualified nonminority workers. Discuss the genesis of affirmative action in your presentation, as well as the arguments that have been launched against the practice.

Amendment Rights

The first 10 amendments to the Constitution, also known as the Bill of Rights, are intended to guarantee freedom to Americans. Make these rights the subject of your speech, outlining the rights that these important amendments promise, as well as the limitations that exist to these rights.

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Privacy Laws

With the ever-increasing levels of surveillance present in contemporary society, many worry about privacy. In your presentation, discuss the privacy rights that Americans are ensured, discussing laws that relate to practices like telephone bugging or surveillance camera installation. Also discuss in your presentation when privacy rights can be compromised, such as when an individual is suspected of having terrorist ties.

Marriage Rights

The rights of individuals in same-sex partnerships are often argued about. Research and present information about current states in which individuals of the same gender can be legally wed. Also discuss efforts to legalize gay marriage that have been shot down. You van also explore the constitutionality of preventing gay marriage.

Jury Bias and the Media

Ideally, jury members should be completely unaware of the details of the case when they are selected to serve; however, with pervasive media, this is often not the case. Research jury selection procedures and discuss in your presentation what can be done if an individual is being tried in a highly publicized crime; as a result of media coverage, the accused may not be able to receive a jury full of individuals ignorant of the details of the case.

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