Plants are living entities that require energy, water and nutrients to grow. As with all living organisms, plants eventually die. They reproduce themselves and can become diseased. Plants are easy to obtain and to keep and grow in a classroom. For these reasons they make interesting subjects for science projects. Common projects focus on how plants grow and how they obtain their food. More unusual projects involve exposing plants to music in order to gauge their growth and well -being.

Do Plants Grow Better in Water Than in Soil?

We are accustomed to see plants and vegetables growing in soil, so this is an interesting science project to attempt. Use plant seeds for this experiment. Place them in small plastic cups that contain either potting soil or white, purified sand. Snapdragon seeds are a good choice. Water the seeds in the soil as normal. Keep the seeds in the purified sand covered with water for the duration of the experiment. Examine the plants after four to five weeks. Students will typically find that plants grow better in soil than in water.

Does Light affect the Growth of Plants?

The process of photosynthesis is important for any student to understand. Science projects that cover the subject get a lot of use. For such a project, place a number of very similar plants in positions that receive various amounts of light. Plants placed in dark conditions will not grow and will begin to die. Let the students describe chlorophyll and where to find it in a plant, as well as the process through which light combines with water and carbon dioxide to create glucose and oxygen.

Does Music Affect the Growth of Plants?

This interesting project is based on the numerous experiments that have looked at the effect of music on a plant’s well-being. Students will require at least three plants of the same species and size. They will place the plants in a separate room and expose them to a different type of music: classical, jazz and country, for example. The students observe the comparative health of the plants after a predetermined period of time.

How Does Water Affect the Growth of Plants?

Plants require water, but not everyone realizes that overwatering can be as damaging to a plant as too little water. Students require three plants of the same type and size. They overwater one plant, while the second receives far too little water. The third receives just the correct amount of water. The students observe the comparative health of the plants after a predetermined period of time.

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