A laboratory attendant has one of the most difficult and hectic jobs in a lab. She's responsible for the safety and security of all people and equipment, must be aware of what's going on at all times and must be prepared to help superiors in any way they ask. Most responsibilities of an attendant can be chalked up to common sense. However, this position in a laboratory is a steppingstone that all students must take if they want to achieve a career in science.

Keeps Inventory

A lab attendant keeps Inventories of chemicals, biochemicals and all organisms. The laboratory must be kept organized, and it's the job of an attendant to ensure it remains that way.

Provides Assistance

A laboratory assistant assists technical, academic and regular staff when necessary. This can include a variety of tasks, from carrying materials to assisting with an experiment.

Ensures Cleanliness

The assistant ensures that laboratories and equipment are kept clean. Duties can include mopping, sweeping and wiping down equipment.


Disposing of chemical and biological waste is a major concern in a modern laboratory. As an attendant, it's your job to properly label and execute the disposal of waste.

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