The National Career Assessment Examination or NCAE is a test taken by high school students in the Philippines that determines their strengths in different career fields. It was first given in January 2007 and replaces the former National College Entrance Examination.

Purpose of the Test

The purpose of the NCAE is to help students determine which courses they should study in college and what sort of career they are best suited for. Like many standardized tests, the NCAE measures students' general scholastic knowledge. However, the NCAE also tests vocational aptitude, occupational preferences and entrepreneurial skills.


One of the reasons the NCAE was developed was to address the issue of unemployment due to workers getting mismatched with the wrong careers. The hope is that by determining which careers they are ideally suited for, students can plan a course of study that will give them the skills and education they will need for their ideal careers.


NCAE test results are only one part of the bigger picture in determining the best career fit for a student. Students shouldn't make major decisions based on NCAE results alone. Their entire school career as well as their own goals and interests should be considered when deciding on a course of study and a career.

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