Chinese names and Chinese symbols have become popular to use as tattoos and as artistic elements. However, it can be difficult to know whether the characters symbolize exactly what you'd like them to say, or if they just look like something from a takeout menu. You'll need to research Chinese symbols to make sure that you write or spell your name correctly if you wish to have it put into characters. English words and names do not straightforwardly translate from English to Chinese. Chinese characters are used that represent the English pronunciation of a word. Characters in Chinese often have two parts. One part represents the meaning of a word and the other part represents the sound.

Check a list of popular English-to-Chinese names. These English-to-Chinese name lists often have names in Chinese symbols.

Use an online Chinese name translation tool. These sites are often found by searching "your name in Chinese" or "what is my Chinese name." This can be fun way to see what your name might be in Chinese.

Oftentimes these sites are primarily for entertainment purposes, however. For a true translation, consult with a Chinese language expert. Check with area colleges for a Chinese student group or Chinese language professor. They can help you transliterate your name into Chinese characters.

Google offers language an translation tools. Use one of these tools to get an approximate English-to-Chinese translation for your name. See Resources for a link.

After finding your name in Chinese characters, copy it down and practice writing it using the Chinese symbols for your name.

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