The FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is a valuable resource for many students in college around the country. The governmental aid in the form of student loans, state and federal grants and work-study programs can be invaluable to many students that are unable to pay for college on their own. Every year, the FAFSA application needs to be updated and renewed to continue receiving government aid to pay for college.

Find the FAFSA PIN number. Unless the FAFSA was previously filled out and sent through the mail, an FAFSA PIN number has been assigned. This PIN acts as a signature for the student when sending the FAFSA online. Without the PIN number, the entire FAFSA will need to be filled out from the beginning. Having the PIN number allows FAFSA to use the previous year’s form.

Change information on the FAFSA from the previous year. Any information that is different from the previous year, such as having a new child or increased salary, needs to be altered to the newest information. Anyone who does not have a PIN from the previous year will need to fill out the entire FAFSA application.

Submit the renewed FAFSA. Submitting will require the PIN number as signature and parent PIN numbers for any students who are dependents of their parents.


Duplicate PIN numbers can be requested through the FAFSA website for anyone that has lost the previous PIN number.

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