Living arrangements are an important part of college life. While you may think a dorm is your only option, it can be cheaper to live off campus. An apartment offers you more features and saves on money.

If you have a car, or the apartment offers a shuttle to and from campus, you can live farther away. Apartments that are a few minutes away from campus are cheaper. Consider having three or four roommates as well, as the rent goes down with each person added.

Find a part-time job to work a couple days a week. On-campus jobs are best because your employer will be considerate of your class schedule. If you have a lot of classes or homework, consider working online. You can find jobs online as a freelance writer even if you have no previous experience. This lets you set your own work hours.

Pay for your apartment with a student or private loan if you don't have time to work. This will cover the cost of rent, but you won't have to pay it until after you graduate. Private loans are more expensive in the long run, but easy to get. If you have left-over money from a student loan or financial aid, use it toward the cost of your apartment. Student loans are normally the cheapest to pay back.

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