As a college student, you can face increases in tuition costs, books and daily living. One way to combat these higher costs involves a fast increase in monthly income. You can choose to increase your income with a part-time job or business. If you do obtain a job or start a business, make sure you leave time for attending your classes. Before searching for employment opportunities, learn which jobs suit your school schedule and personality.

Work on your college campus to earn money quickly. Employment opportunities include a food court server, bookstore cashier or library assistant. Understand the benefits of on campus employment, such as on-the-job training. Take advantage of your flexible hours, since campus employers know you are a student. Write down your availability on your job application.

Offer computer tutoring near your campus. You will teach individuals or businesses how to use their computer programs and the Internet. Make sure you can teach different age groups. Contact the tutoring services on campus. If you provide private tutoring, create flyers and hand out business cards. Learn to schedule your tutoring sessions back-to-back.

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Apply for a museum tour guide job to earn an income. Choose to work at museums in your town. Make sure you are a good communicator and can give accurate history. This job requires interacting with different people, walking and working flexible hours. Weekend work is possible, which allows you to work around college courses.

Perform seasonal work, ranging from snow removal to raking leaves. Seasonal work allows you to work around your college campus. Decide on what seasonal work you want to perform. Tell your neighbors, family and classmates. You can combine seasonal work with other jobs, such as an on-campus position. Accept more seasonal work during school breaks.

Earn money selling crafts as a college student. You can create the crafts yourself or sell the crafts of other people. Places to find crafts for your business include garage sales and flea markets. Learn about pricing your crafts and making a profit. Decide if you want to sell your crafts in person or online.


Create a schedule for both classes and work. Monitor your income to make sure you meet expenses. Speak for a financial advisor when starting your college business.

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