The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, form requires students looking for financial aid to indicate their economic need by listing assets, income and dependency status. If your circumstances change between the time you fill out the FAFSA and you start school, you can correct your FAFSA by calling the information line and requesting a paper copy to edit or by making changes online, depending upon the kind of change you need to make.

Calling FAFSA Information Center or Advisers

You cannot make changes yourself if you input your Social Security number or last name incorrectly on the FAFSA. To make such changes, call a FAFSA adviser at 866-514-8938 or call your school's financial aid office. Advisers may direct you to fill out a new form. To update your address or add or delete schools, phone the information line at 800-433-3243. You must provide your Data Release Number -- the four numbers located on the upper right corner of your Student Aid Report, or SAR, and also found in your online account information -- along with the basic information to prove your identity: name, Social Security number, birth date and the address you used on the FAFSA. You can also call the information line to ask for a hard copy of your SAR, on which you can make corrections of other information. You should get your copy within two weeks. After making corrections, sign and return the SAR in the mail to the address listed. The financial aid office at the school you will attend may also be able to make some changes for you over the phone.

Make Online Corrections

You can make changes to any information except the Social Security number or last name on your FAFSA online. Log in to your FAFSA account and enter the personal identification number, or PIN, you used to sign your FAFSA application. If you did not get one or have misplaced it, apply for a new PIN. Change your information and submit it to apply the changes.

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