If you’ve been placed on financial aid academic probation it can be extremely frustrating, but it’s not the end of your academic career. It is possible to stay in school even after a probation, and still get funding. It can be difficult to do, and does require you to make changes. Financial aid has a probation period to help you if you're not doing well in class. It's a cushioning mechanism and gives you a second chance.

Determine why you’ve been placed on academic probation. If you determine the probation is unwarranted you need to ask to speak to a financial aid worker immediately.

Request a reinstatement packet through your college or university if the probation is warranted. Fill this packet out and complete the academic plan for further funding. You will be asked to complete a personal essay and to describe your academic goals. Determine what those goals are and how you will complete your academic program without being placed on probation again.

Turn the packet into the financial aid department at your school. Once they receive this packet they will determine if you need to complete a semester or quarter (whichever is appropriate to your school) before aid is reinstated. Often the financial aid department will require you to finance one academic quarter or semester at your expense before they will reinstate funding.

Ensure your GPA stays above a 2.0 and that you complete the necessary credits for your level of study. Once funding is reinstated it is essential that you comply with the terms for two academic semesters; if you don’t, your funding will be suspended. Once you are successful for two complete semesters, your academic probation will be over.

Take less of a credit load to ensure you’re more successful. Make it a priority to study hard so that you do not experience potential issues with your studies. If you’re academic probation is not completed successfully within two semesters you will go into suspension and must pay a portion of your financial aid back, regardless of circumstances.

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