The highly athletic sport creates a lifetime of healthy traits and bonds with fellow teammates. Wrestling provides discipline and confidence, but it also offers a strong opportunity for students to further their education. Grants and scholarships are built to get more people to be involved in this physically and mentally challenging sport. They provide funding for the team, venue, training space, coaches and equipment. Wrestling scholarships can come from private and public agencies and businesses, as well as private wrestling organizations that cater to the sports enthusiasts.

Benefits of Wrestling for Scholarships

There are many reasons to highlight a wrestling background when applying to colleges. Wrestling programs prepare the student for college and the workforce. Wrestling makes a powerful athlete who learns to control his movements from neck to calf. That requires discipline in training, diet and mental stability. It builds confidence through its many challenges, from workouts to the match. Wrestling may seem like a solo sport, with athletes taking on challengers one-on-one. However, the sport creates bonds between the team and the team supporters as they prepare for matches. They are challenging themselves to cut weight, build their mental health and face adversity in and out of the ring. This builds relationships between team members and those who are assisting them in rising to the occasion.

Best Wrestling Colleges

Some of the best wrestling colleges to apply to when considering taking the sport to the university level include those that focus on health, medicine and fitness. Wrestlers can attend Division I, II, NAIA and junior colleges, as well as national universities that offer significant wrestling scholarships and programs. The University of Iowa, the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign, Cornell University, the University of Missouri at Columbia, Rutgers University at New Brunswick and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor have extensive wrestling programs that can propel a student who excels in the sport.

Types of Wrestling Scholarships

There are many forms of wrestling scholarships and grants available that cover a wide variety of needs for wrestling in college programs. Many offer payment for tournament entry fees, training and coaching requirements and equipment coverage, including mats, wrestling shoes and uniforms, as well as outside wrestling programs with coaching and training professionals. College wrestling programs can be intense. Many of the team’s participants work outside of the program to beef up their ability, both in mentally and physically. Scholarships can assist in those sometimes more expensive pursuits.

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