When examining colleges the price factor is important to many people. Reduce the cost of your tuition by convincing someone to offer you a scholarship, free money to attend college. A scholarship never has to be repaid. Some scholarships require students to abide by certain rules such as keeping a high GPA. If you are offered a scholarship, do your best to maintain it. Many students want scholarships but not all of the students who want them get them.

Determine whether you are eligible for a minority scholarship. Apply for a minority scholarship if you are female, Asian, African American, Native American, multi-racial or multi-cultural and lesbian or gay. Also look for a minority scholarship if you are disabled, left handed or under 4 foot 10 inches.

Register with the NCAA if you want a sports scholarship. According to the website Active, 126,000 student athletes receive more than $1 billion annually. Determine your eligibility by whether you are an amateur athlete and if you meet academic guidelines set up by the NCAA.

Maintain high grades by studying. Find a merit scholarship by examining the scholarships offered locally and through the school you want to attend. Remember that high grades can equal free money to get you motivated to study.

Inquire about scholarships offered at your college of choice. If you are a top student the college may want to offer you a scholarship to get you to attend. Speak with the financial aid office and the admissions office about finding scholarships.

Fill out the scholarship application and pay close attention to what is required of you. Utilize neat handwriting and send any transcripts or recommendations needed. In addition, craft a well-written scholarship application by having a friend or teacher proof-read it.


Maintain strong relationships with teachers and professors in case you need a letter of recommendation.


Pay close attention to the scholarship deadline, which is typically not flexible.

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