More women are striving for and reaching new heights in their careers. As a result, new organizations representing women have been formed. These groups regularly host conferences for women to share best practices and ideas. It gives people a chance to learn from the best and from each other. If your group is hosting a conference, there are several ways to find topics of interest to women.

Follow the discussion boards of various forums. Become a member of groups and online forums actively working towards women empowerment. They address women's concerns and interests.

Track recent conventions and events covering similar areas across the United States. Tapping onto a global audience may interest your conference members. Two great ideas could be expanding businesses globally, or targeting niche segments outside of the U.S.

Keep track of the latest issues and events by watching local and world news reports on television. Being informed about current events will provide a ready list of conference topics.

Make your own database by creating an online forum. Ask people to become members, which will give you a database of active users and listeners. This list could form the basis of your research. By utilizing it, you can see how people respond to suggested topics.

Circulate questionnaires and surveys. Ask direct questions, such as what information they would like to receive and from which industry. You might need to collate the responses to get a good idea of the results.

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