The first record of modern Masons comes from London in 1717, and ever since there has been an air of intrigue around the organization. Film and TV tends to paint the Masons in a somewhat secretive and sinister light, but just like any other private members club they accept applications for membership. There are a few fairly easy steps to follow to apply to become a member of the Texas branch of this ancient fraternity.

Believe in a higher being. The most steadfast rule of Masonry is that every member of the Masons must believe in a higher power. It does not matter what particular religion you are a member of, but the Masons do not accept atheists.

Be of an appropriate age. Generally you have to be over 21 to join the Masons in America, but in the Grand Lodge of Texas, applications can be accepted from those who are 18 or over.

Find your nearest lodge. A quick look on the Internet, at a site such as, provides an extensive list of lodges all over America, including Texas. This will be the best resource to find a lodge near you.

Apply to become a Mason. You will have to find a “Master Mason” and ask him for an application for the Three Degrees. Ask around if anyone knows a local Mason--they are prominent almost everywhere. A Mason can be identified by Masonic insignia, such as a Masonic square and compasses on a coat lapel or a Masons ring. The application for the Three Degrees is a simple application that you must fill out stating that you fulfill membership criteria-- this is then given to the leader of your particular lodge and read out at the next meeting.

Meet with your lodge. You will be invited for a face-to-face meeting with the committee of the lodge you wish to join. This is in order to confirm you are properly informed about Masonry and haven’t been misinformed about what Masonry is.

Once your application has been processed and the face-to-face interview completed, the committee will take a vote on whether you will be accepted into the lodge. If you are successful, then a member of the lodge will contact you and give you further information regarding the time of your Three Degrees initiation.

The Three Degrees are known as The Entered Apprentice Degree (First Degree), The Fellow Craft Degree (Second Degree) and the Master Mason Degree (Third Degree). This ritual involves memorizing passages from the Three Degrees and reciting them. This is the final part of becoming a Mason. In Texas there are 14 days between the reading of each degree.

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