The Georgia HOPE grant offers funding to help Georgia residents cover college costs like tuition, fees and books. The grant is intended for students in diploma or certificate programs in technical areas like auto mechanics or early childhood education, regardless of high school grades. You must fill out either the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or a specific form for the grant -- the Georgia Student Finance Application.

Apply Through the FAFSA

Submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to apply for all federal financial aid also enters your application for the HOPE grant. Fill out the form by following the prompts on the FAFSA site. You need to establish a PIN and then input information such as your Social Security and driver's license numbers, tax information and asset detail such as investments and real estate. If you are a dependent, you need the same information from your parents. After completing the form, electronically sign and submit it to simultaneously apply for the HOPE grant.

Fill Out the Georgia Student Finance Application

If you want to apply only for the HOPE grant rather than all potential aid, you can submit the Georgia Student Finance Application either in paper form or at GSFAPPS online. The form requires less information than the FAFSA. You must provide primarily information about your residency, such as your driver's license number, the dates you and your parents became Georgia residents, and your parents' driver's license numbers. Sign and submit or mail the application to apply for the grant.

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