Moving personal belongings from one location to another can be costly. The price of a moving truck usually depends on the amount of distance you will be traveling with the truck and not the amount of stuff you will be transporting inside of it. If you have extra space inside your moving truck you can offer to transport other items for hire to offset your total travel costs.

Determine the amount of space you will have remaining in your moving truck after you load all items you need to haul inside of it. Use a tape measure and write down the dimensions of the empty space.

Solicit customers in need of moving services in classified ads online and in print. Describe in great detail your planned destination and the specific dimensions of the empty space in your moving truck. Provide contact information. Consider getting a liability waiver or additional insurance. If something happens to a customer's items while they are in your care, you may be liable for damages. If can you have a customer sign a waiver so you will not legally be responsible for his items.

Negotiate a price for your services. Factor in additional fuel costs, pickup, delivery and travel time to determine a price that will make hauling the additional freight worth your while. Will you be responsible for loading and unloading? Be sure to know everything that's expected of you before setting a price.

Determine a time and a place to pick up the load once you negotiate a price. Travel to the pickup location at the designated time and date to load their items onto the moving truck. Provide customer with information on how to contact you on the road. Give him an estimated date and time when you expect reach the final destination. Get the customer's contact information so you can notify him if you are delayed along the way.


You will be charged with a crime for transporting any legal items in your possession, whether or not the items belong to you. Inspect any items you are hauling for a customer to ensure they are legal.

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