Whether you are fresh out of graduate school or tired of working in corporate America, teaching with a Master’s in Business Administration is possible. Many educational institutions will be interested in hiring you since you hold a Master’s degree; however these are specific institutions and positions. Typically, you will have to rule out teaching for a traditional four-year college or university because they prefer PhD candidates in order to keep their accreditation. Nevertheless, you will be able to find a teaching job, especially if you are willing to work in a city.

Determine what level of education you would like to teach; a person with a Master’s degree may not have the patience to teach Elementary school children without prior teaching experience with little children. Teaching Middle and High school students versus college students is also vastly different; Middle and High school has a less mature atmosphere than college. However, teaching both is gratifying if you do not mind working with challenging students; teaching online is another option, although it is less personal.

Contact your local board of education if you are interested in teaching public school. Many Middle schools and High schools offer introductory accounting courses and a variety of general business courses; school districts are always looking for qualified teachers to teach Middle and Secondary students. You will have to apply for your teaching credentials, which may involve taking a few education classes and taking the state certified teaching exam.

Apply to private schools or Charter schools, which are alternatives to public school. Both have different criteria than public schools and usually do not require a teaching certificate for individuals who hold a Master’s degree. Private schools and Charter schools are said to have better disciplined students and more rigorous educational requirements for their students.

Submit an application to a community college or an online university. Both normally hire MBA graduates as adjunct professors or instructors to teach Accounting, Intro to Business, Business Administration, Economics, Marketing, even Finance. Community colleges and online universities regularly offer contracts after your first year of teaching.

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