Taking modeling training classes doesn't guarantee a job offer, but many aspiring models want to learn the skills seasoned professionals can offer. Some hopeful models take classes in walking, posing and similar basic tasks while others obtain more thorough training, such as photo-shoot etiquette. Training to be a model increases your likelihood of completing a successful shoot in a shorter amount of time than an untrained model, which saves money for photographers and associated companies.

Start Young

Modeling isn't a career with a minimum age requirement. Some modeling programs are geared toward kids specifically, such as the Sugar & Spice training camp that KD College provides for children between the ages of 7 and 11. Others focus on teenage groups, such as Pure Fashion's Model Training Program for teens between the ages of 14 and 18. Junior training covers essentials, including posture, walking the runway, doing hair and applying makeup, but it also works on details like public-speaking and communication skills, as well as formal table manners.

Practice Alone

Whether you take modeling classes or not, get used to moving gracefully through dance, gymnastics or sports. Get comfortable posing with props, from bath products to automobiles. Some models take acting classes to strengthen their facial expression abilities, but practicing in front of the mirror will also help. Additionally, start training your body. The Daily Beast interviewed models in the Victoria's Secret 2012 Fashion Show, where Jessica Hart said she concentrates on drinking water and juice and getting enough sleep.

Take Classes

Numerous agencies and organizations offer modeling classes for either runway or print modeling, but try to find a reputable company before you jump in. For example, Plitzs Fashion Marketing provides runway training on topics like movement and projecting confidence, as well as print modeling classes that include practice in wardrobe preparation and on-camera techniques. Other programs offer generalized training for any form of modeling, such as Charm School's image consultations, which covers basics, including fashion styling, networking and accessorizing.

Get Professional Advice

Working one on one with an industry guru gets you advice customized specifically to you. For example, Ultimate Model Management offers private training that teaches the same techniques provided in group lessons, from posing to skin care, but also features perks like resume and portfolio assistance and access to professional stylists and photographers. Alean Elston, a runway model for more than 10 years, provides one-on-one training sessions that focus on runway details, including walking in heels, hand positions, choreography and turns.

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