If you are thinking of teaching Spanish to beginners, you will need some basic tools to present to them. Your student will be starting from scratch so it is very important you teach them every word you can and do not overwhelm them in the first group of lessons.

Start with the simple things like the days of the week and numbers. Make sure they are writing down everything as you teach them each word. It is important that they have a Spanish phrase book or dictionary as well for reference.

Try to teach them phrases such as "Como estas?" which means "How are you?" Work on everyday conversational phrases and make sure they repeat them back to you.

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Present the verbs of the Spanish language as well as the beginning of a personal sentence. This will include "I, he, she, their" and more.

Make sure your student brings a tape recorder to class so they can listen to themselves at a later time and see how they can perfect their Spanish. Play back their lesson with them and correct them.

Give your student small tests after each basic chapter you teach them. This will help them and they will start thinking in Spanish instead of just speaking and reading.

Teach them the rest of the basic things they need to know such as animals, colors, names, cities and nationality. Once they have the basics you can move on to intermediate lessons.

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