Medical transcription professionals play a vital role in the health care industry. They are responsible for transcribing dictated recordings from doctors and other health care professionals to create medical and administrative documents for patient files and other important records. Degrees and certifications in this field are available at many technical and community colleges and also can be earned through online education programs. Ranking institutions evaluate these schools and programs based on criteria such as graduation rates, the success of students in the job market following degree completion or certification, the opinion of experts in the field, and surveys of student satisfaction.

Everett Community College

Everett Community College offers a certificate program in medical transcription and medical transcription editing through its Health Sciences division. This online program uses a combination of custom software and written materials, enabling students to train at home or anywhere that has Internet access. The program is one of the most highly rated in the country and is fully accredited. Students can enter at the beginning of any academic quarter and can complete the required 43 credits on a part-time or full-time basis.

Delta College

The Medical Office Professions program at Delta College in University Center, Michigan, offers a popular one-year certificate in medical transcription. Upon completion of the program, the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity, or AHDI, certifies those who pass specific practical and written examinations as registered medical transcriptionists. The medical transcription program includes required classes in anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, legal aspects of the health care system, medical office pharmacology, time management, document processing, business communication, and medical transcription.

Metropolitan Community College

Metropolitan Community College offers an accredited program that enables students to earn an associate of applied science degree in health information management systems with an emphasis in medical transcription. The program is available at the college’s main campus in Omaha, Nebraska, and is also offered online. This fully accredited program is one of the best in the nation. Students are required to complete a two-year course of study that includes 27 credits in general education, 44.5 credits in health information management, 27 credits in medical transcription, and an internship. Upon completion of the degree program, students may take the certification exam offered by AHDI to qualify as registered medical transcriptionists.

GateWay Community College

GateWay Community College offers one of the nation’s top online medical transcription programs. Leading to an Associate in Applied Sciences degree, the program emphasizes the study of anatomy and physiology, surgical procedures, medications, diagnostic tests, therapeutic procedures, and legal issues attendant to health care management. Students must have a current health care provider cardiopulmonary resuscitation card to qualify for admission and are required to earn a grade of C or better in all courses within the program in order to graduate.

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