Teaching high school students about nutrition is important for their health. However, classroom lessons can become boring and turn students off. There are fun projects that students can participate in to help them better understand the importance of healthy eating. These activities will encourage students to pay attention to the nutritional content of foods they eat. Students also may be inspired to get their families and friends to live healthy lives.

Check the Label

Pick several popular packaged foods among high school students. Ask the students to write down what they think the nutrition levels are for the food including vitamins, sodium, fat, cholesterol, etc. Then present the correct nutrition label for the food. Organize students into groups and have them discuss the label’s content. Students can also talk about ways to make healthier choices.

Cafeteria Line

This project works best after teaching students about eating balanced meals. Arrange a set of real food items on a table in a line. Include items from each food group like fruits, vegetables and fiber. Also, include some items like burgers, French fries, and cookies to make a point. Hand out empty paper plates to students and tell them to go down the “cafeteria line” and make a balanced meal. Then when students return to their seats, have them write a detailed paragraph about the key nutrients of each item they have selected. Students can eat their meal once they have finished writing.

Bone Building Brainstorm

Teaching high school girls about osteoporosis and bone health is important. Girls should learn about bone density and nutritional foods to keep their bones healthy. Have students brainstorm creative physical activities they can do every day to maintain healthy bones. Then the girls should create a monthly calendar to outline the activities they will do everyday. Students should track their activity for a month, including the length, time and location. At the end of the month, talk about what they have accomplished and what they will do for the rest of their lives.

Family Nutrition Night

Have students organize a family nutrition night dinner at their high school. Students can send invitations to parents, students and friends. They should create a menu with healthy meal options. Students will also enjoy cooking the meals together for the dinner. At the event, students can serve their guests after explaining the nutritional vale of each meal. Also, students can provide entertainment during the dinner to educate their guests on nutrition. They can perform skits, tell jokes and sing songs on the theme of eating healthy.

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