Paying for college has become a huge financial undertaking. Colleges and universities are getting more expensive every year, so the idea of sending twins to college at the same time can be daunting. There are, however, grants and scholarships designed for multiples that can help.

Free Offers

There are colleges that offer twins the opportunity to live on campus for free. Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College pays for twins attending at the same time to live in the dorm.

Scholarship Opportunities

Kelley School of Business at Indiana University-Bloomington offers twins the chance to earn the Layton Frazier McKinley Scholarship. They must each have a 3.3 grade point average, and choosing accounting as their academic major is a plus.

Nonprofit Organization Help

The Northwest Association Mother of Twins Clubs awards several scholarships to twins a year. Qualifications are simple: Be part of a multiple birth and have a desire to further your education. The amount given varies.

Contests for Twins

Twinsburg, Ohio, holds an annual Twins Day Festival for families that have twins. Here twins can win a $1,000 scholarship to help with college. The twins must be seniors in high school and have attended and registered at the festival three out of the last five years.

Two-for-One Deal

Lake Erie College in Ohio gives a twin the opportunity to receive a free education. As long as both siblings have been accepted into the school, the college will pay the tuition of a twin of a full-time student.

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