Students who have full-time jobs can apply for grants to pay for their college education. Grants can pay for the student’s books, room and board, and tuition costs. Students must meet the requirements set by the grant program to become eligible. These financial awards do not have to be repaid by the students.

Federal Pell Grant

Students who are working can apply for federal Pell grants. These grants are given to students who show a financial need to pay for their postsecondary education costs. Pell grants are accepted at over 5,400 educational institutions across the United States. To apply, students must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which determines their eligibility. The FAFSA is used to calculate the students expected family contribution (EFC), which is the amount their family can contribute to education costs. Other factors that affect Pell grant amounts are the student’s enrollment status (full or part-time), the school’s cost of attendance and whether students are attending school for the full academic year or less. Students who have not received their first bachelors degrees or are in postbaccalaureate programs for teaching are eligible for federal Pell grants.

U.S. Department of Education 400 Maryland Avenue SW Washington, D.C. 20202 1-800-872-5327

Mississippi Tuition Assistance Grant

There are state programs that provide financial assistance to working students. For example, the Mississippi Institution of Higher Learning sponsors the Mississippi Tuition Assistance Grant (MTAG). This program provides grants of up to $500 per academic year to freshmen and sophomores in college and $1,000 to juniors and seniors. To be eligible, students must be Mississippi residents, have received less than the full Pell Grant amounts and have a cumulative 2.50 grade point average (GPA). Students also have to be enrolled full-time and be pursuing their first certificates, associates and bachelors degrees. Students can receive MTAGs for eight academic semesters or until their degree program is completed, whichever is first.

Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning 3825 Ridgewood Road Jackson, MS 39211 601-432-6647

Earn and Learn Program

Students can also receive tuition assistance from some employers. An example is the Earn and Learn Program sponsored by the United Parcel Service (UPS). This tuition assistance program gives part-time employees $3,000 ($15,000 lifetime maximum) to pay for college, while part-time managerial employees can receive $4,000 per year ($20,000 lifetime maximum). Tuition assistance begins the day employee is hired, and the amount is pro-rated for those who begin employment during mid-semester.

UPS Corporate Headquarters 55 Glenlake Parkway, NE Atlanta , GA 30328 1-888-877-3808

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