For some teens, high school years are the best. For others, high school feels like torture or at least extreme boredom. Some students outgrow high school at a faster rate than their peers do. These students might benefit from an early graduation from high school. Follow these steps to learn how to graduate early.

Examine your reasons for wanting early graduation. Often, students who graduate early are more mature and academically ahead of other students. Everyone needs to feel motivated by healthy challenges.

Ask yourself if you're willing to take a heavier load in school and possibly go to summer school in order to graduate early.

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Talk with the adults in your life about early graduation, particularly parents and your guidance counselor. You need their cooperation to do this. Your guidance counselor can direct you in meeting all the requirements you need to graduate early from high school.

Have a plan. Graduating early without a plan may leave you in limbo. Some students decide to go to a foreign country as an exchange student or pursue another yearlong challenge and still start college at age 18.

Find out what your school, school district and state education authorities have to say about early graduation. Some state departments of education have rules that you must be a certain age before graduating.

Contact the admissions departments in the colleges you have an interest in. Ask what their policy is about admitting early high school graduates. While colleges might see an early graduate as motivated, they are also more likely to scrutinize your application closer to make certain you are ready for the challenge of college. You should also ask how early graduation affects scholarships.

Look at other options if early graduation doesn't work. Perhaps you can take college courses while still in high school, either on a nearby campus or online.

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