Timed typing sets are computer-based tests that are available in varying time increments, such as one minute, three minutes and five minutes. Some typing tests have the text listed on the screen for the student to type, while others have a blank screen and the student is given papers with text to reproduce on the screen. The specific items being graded on a timed typing test can vary by teacher. Such tests can be given in schools as well as by potential employers.

Step 1

View the speed of the typing. This is typically measured in words per minute (WPM). This amount is auto-calculated if you are using a computer typing program. Otherwise, count the number of words and divide that number by the number of minutes to determine the WPM.

Step 2

Look for errors in the typing. A student can have an exceptionally high WPM score as a result of a lot of errors, which means he is not as fast at typing as it seems. Every word error should lower the WPM score by one word. The resulting number will tell you the true WPM.

Step 3

Assess the amount of text that was completed during the test if you expect the student to complete all of the text. For instance, if the timed typing test consisted of three pages but only 1.5 pages were completed, then just 50 percent of the text was utilized. If a student cannot complete all of the pages in the allotted time as you expect her to, you can lower the score on the test.

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