Effective note taking is beneficial in a classroom setting, but it isn't always a favorite part of the class setting. Taking notes can also be boring. It still needs to be done, however, and finding fun ways to take the notes you need to prepare for your tests can not only take some of the pain out of the process, but help you take more effective notes as well.

Note Swapping

Try a new take on passing notes in class. Find a partner you trust to take notes for you while you take notes for your partner. At the end of the class, exchange the notes you've taken. To make it a little more fun, you can write short messages or draw cute pictures around the pertinent notes. This method of note-taking can be fun as long as you work with someone whose note-taking skills are good. Looking at notes written by someone else can give you a different perspective on the subject.

Digital Notes

If it's allowed, use your phone and a free note program that allows you to write in different colors and insert symbols. This is ideal because the notes will be with you on your phone and you can refer to them more easily, wherever you are. High school students probably won't be allowed to use a phone in school, but this is ideal for college students.

Visual Notes

If the lesson is suitable for it, try drawing as many of your notes as possible. You don't need to be an artist. Just sketch something that you can look at to bring to mind the concept the instructor is going over. It can be challenging and fun to see what you come up with and how well it works. This is a fun idea for those who consider themselves more visual.


Forget traditional shorthand. Use texting and email letter and number combinations to take your notes. Not only is this faster, but it can be fun to use a style of writing you're familiar with. Since you use this style of shorthand often, you will likely be able to read your notes more effectively when you study them.

Writing Tools

Choose tools you enjoy writing with. If you have a favorite colorful journal or ink pen, take your notes with that. Try taking notes with colors or markers, using a different color for each note you take. The color can help ease the boredom of note taking.

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