Play ABC games with kids to help enforce learning and encourage working and playing with others. Learning the ABC's can be challenging for young learners so integrating learning with fun activities, such as games, makes it fun. The ABC's are the beginning blocks to reading, so teaching preschool children the basic skill of letter recognition starts them down the path to learning to read.

ABC Scavenger Hunt

Turn the classroom, home or car into an ABC learning environment by playing a letter scavenger hunt. Start with the letter A. Each kid playing tries to be the first to find the letter. Once a letter of the alphabet is discovered, they must move on to the next. See if the children can find all the letters of the alphabet.

Play the ABC scavenger hunt again in a new environment or time the game to see if all the letters can be found faster than the time before.

Alphabet Line

Have each child learn more about the letters of their name by taking turns spelling their name. Everyone stands up and will work together to put him or herself in alphabetical order. Before starting, have a child or an adult be the designated timekeeper. When they say, "go," the children position themselves in alphabetical order, helping each other to find the right place in line. When kids are finished they yell, "stop" and the timer makes note of the amount of time they took putting themselves in order. Sing the ABC's as a group to determine if everyone is in the right spot.

ABC Bingo

Play alphabet bingo by making bingo cards with 26 squares with different letters in each square. Cut out small marker squares from scrap construction paper for playing the game. Write the alphabet on small scraps of paper and fold in half. Place the folded alphabet papers in a small cup or container. Give each child a bingo card and several marker papers to use while playing. Have a child pick letters of the alphabet and call them out until a child has covered five squares in a row and calls out "BINGO." The winner gets to change position with the child calling out the letters. Continue playing until every child has had a chance to call out letters of the alphabet.

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