Newspaper articles will often contain a great deal of information surrounding an event. Whether the article you use is from recent history or an older event, you can usually access the article at your local library or in the archives of the newspaper itself. Footnoting a newspaper article for use in an academic paper or other similar paper is a fairly straightforward process.

Obtain the name of the individual who wrote the story. Just about all newspapers produce what is known as a "Byline." The byline is usually found at the start of the article, though in some instances it may be included at the end of article. You should also check the end of the article in case another journalist was involved in the research or contributed to the story.

Obtain the "Volumne" and "Issue" number for the paper from which you sourced the article. These two numbers can be found either at the top left or right corners on the main page or they may be found on the newspaper's editorial page in the same area the newspaper's editor and publisher are named.

Footnote the article in your academic paper's reference section by quoting the name of the newspaper, the title of the article, its author, the page and section where it appeared and the volume and issue of the paper.

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