An online degree program can remove geographic and time constraints by providing flexibility and convenience that fit the needs and lifestyles of today's student. By engaging in an online bachelor's degree program, you can complete your English degree while maintaining your current obligations. Knowing ahead of time what to expect and how long an online degree can take will provide you much needed information in constructing a degree completion plan.


Completing a bachelor's degree in English will provide you with the practice and skills necessary to hone critical thinking skills, expression of ideas, ability to analyze and interpret language, work collaboratively, communicate, research and generate and revise texts. A bachelor's degree also will enhance your ability to understand texts in light of historical, cultural, critical and expository contexts, essential skills for engaging and communicating in a changing world.

Time Frame

A bachelor's degree in English can be completed entirely online in approximately four years of full-time course completion, according to the University of Illinois Springfield and Northeastern University Online. Completing a degree online will provide the flexibility and convenience that cannot typically be acquired in traditional on-campus programs, allowing you to continue engaging in career and family obligations. Part-time degree programs are also available that typically take seven years to complete if full-time completion is not a viable option.


Approximately 120 credits are typically required to earn a bachelor's degree in English, according to Arizona State University and the University of Maryland University College. Typical courses include research and theory, American literature, British literature, world literature, western world literature, expository writing, Shakespeare, history, humanities, survey courses, specialty courses and electives, according to the University of Illinois Springfield and Northeastern University Online. Completing these courses will provide an in-depth understanding of fiction, poetry and other literary works as well as expository and persuasive writing according to Northeastern University Online.


A bachelor's degree in English can open the door to multiple career opportunities in fields such as journalism, public relations, marketing, law and business, according to Northeastern University Online. By completing an online bachelor's degree, your communication skills will be sharpened and ready for use in as little as four years!

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