Learning the various aspects of the English language can be fun for students when using games and creative activities. Tutors and educators can incorporate these ideas into their lesson plans to help students learn new words, their meanings and the parts of speech. Whether a child learns through a game or through a writing activity, English can be taught via all types of fun games.

Game #1

In this game, students will create a story collaboratively by continuing the plot where the previous student or tutor left off. Each sentence added must be a complete sentence, with a subject and predicate. The story should begin with "Once upon a time," and then the students should take turns adding a few sentences to the story. By saying the sentences aloud, students and tutor will be able to recognize word structure and agreement. This game can also be done through writing by having students write a sentence to the story, and then pass the paper to the next student to add another sentence.

Game #2

You can create a daily buzzword for your students. The goal of this activity is for students to learn a new word and find ways to incorporate it properly into their daily routine. Every time a student uses the word correctly throughout the class or tutoring time, there is a check mark put on a tracking chart. Create a reward for a certain amount of checks accumulated each day or week. At the end of the week, be sure to review the new words used throughout the entire week.

Game #3

This activity is suited for younger children because it teaches which letter a word begins with. Before beginning the activity, collect a tub full of toys, animals or other items of interest. Using a pen and paper, ask the student to write down the first letter of the item you hold up. Then ask the student to finish writing the entire word. Keep score of all the correct answers, and try to hit a high score of a certain value each day.

Game #4

Collect old magazines that you will be able to tear up and cut apart. Using pieces of construction paper, staple together 10 pieces to create a book. Have your students decorate the cover of your book and include the title "My Favorite Words." Ask them to write one of their favorite words. After writing that word, look through the various magazines to find that word or an image representing the word. Cut the word or image out and have the students glue it into their favorite word book.

A variation for adult learners is to have each student keep a personal dictionary of all the words they are learning. Each time they learn a new word, they record it in their journal. Use the journal of collected words to create quizzes and tests on their vocabulary.

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