Full Sail University, located in Winter Park, Florida, opened its doors in 1979. Originally focusing on music and sound, it has grown tremendously and now offers associate, bachelor's and master's degrees in film, design, games, animation, web design, production and the business side of entertainment. The school has a reputation for its hands-on approach to education and preparing students for work in the real world.

High School Diploma

Like most universities, Full Sail requires applicants to have earned at least a standard high school diploma or passing scores on a General Education Development test. High school graduates must submit evidence of graduation, such as a high school transcript listing the graduation date. GED certificate recipients must have taken the test in person at an official testing center approved by the State Department of Education.

Talk Face-to-Face

All applicants must schedule an in-person interview before submitting their applications. Full Sail is an unusual school in that its programs are highly targeted toward specific degrees for the entertainment and media industries. An interview allows applicants to ask any questions they have as well as to have honest discussions about their career goals. Together, the applicants and Full Sail representatives can determine if the school is a good fit before going any further in the application process.

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Consider Sending Letters

Full Sail recommends applicants include two letters of recommendation with their applications. While these are not required, it's always a good idea to follow a school's advice for getting accepted. Ask teachers who can speak to your abilities in the field you'd like to enter -- perhaps someone who taught you in a computer, art or photography class. Choose people who know you well enough to give you a good recommendation. If you don't have two such teachers, one letter could be from someone who knows of your work ethic, study skills or ability to collaborate as a member of a group.

Show Your Artistic Side

Since Full Sail focuses on creative careers, demonstrating an artistic side is ideal. In fact, admissions criteria state that students interested in certain majors -- such as computer animation and game art -- should have taken classes in drawing, sketching, sculpting, painting and other traditional arts. A foundation in these basics will help the student move on to classes in animation and 3-D.

Advanced Math Skills

Applicants to the Game Development program need a minimum math knowledge of Algebra II. More advanced math classes in pre-calculus and trigonometry are also advised as are beginning computer programming classes. A math assessment test will be given to entering students. Sample practice tests are available by request from the admissions department.

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