Not all universities are the same. Full Sail University, for instance, is not your average institution for higher education because it caters to people pursuing careers in the entertainment industry. Rather than traditional classroom programs designed for more traditional career paths, Full Sail University offers an array of campus and online degree programs that use a hands-on and real-world experience to teach the skills needed for jobs in film, web design, games, animation, music and sound, entertainment and show production. If you are interested in pursuing a career in entertainment, media, arts or technology, you need to know the Full Sail admissions requirements to determine if it’s the right university for you.

Full Sail University Requirements

Before you complete a Full Sail University application, review the requirements to make sure you meet them and to increase your chances of admission. Full Sail University offers both undergraduate and graduate programs, so review the requirements for the one that best applies to you. All undergraduate programs at Full Sail University require a cumulative minimum GPA of 2.0, and the graduate programs require a minimum GPA of 2.5 for consideration.

College Facts and Stats about Full Sail University

Full Sail Undergraduate Admission

If seeking admission to Full Sail’s campus undergraduate program, you’ll need to apply, pay a $75 application fee and provide documentation of prior education. Proof of high school graduation or proof of passing educational development (GED) scores or other equivalent and accredited diploma programs is required for admission consideration to Full Sail University. Your application will also require a government-issued photo identification and an interview with an admissions representative.

Full Sail Graduate Admission

The basic requirements for admission to Full Sail’s graduate programs are the same as those for the undergraduate programs. The main difference between the two is that the graduate program requires a higher level of prior education (completion of an undergraduate program from an accredited postsecondary school). The cumulative minimum GPA for admissions is also slightly higher at 2.5 compared to the 2.0 required for the undergraduate program. Since classes for most graduate programs begin monthly, applicants don’t have to worry about traditional application deadlines and can instead apply anytime and start on whatever date is most convenient. Unlike traditional graduate programs, Full Sail does not require applicants to complete or submit scores from the GRE test.

Full Sail Online-Only Degree Programs

If you are interested in pursuing a degree from Full Sail University through its online degree programs, your application process will mimic the requirements outlined above for undergraduate admissions but will also require the additional step of completing an orientation module. The orientation module covers instructions for operating the learning management system, tips for successful online learning practices, tips for troubleshooting technical problems and technical support. You must pass the assessment given at the end of the orientation module to qualify for admission.

Full Sail Degree-Specific Requirements

Certain degree programs have additional requirements that must be met for admissions consideration. Applicants interested in pursuing a degree in computer animation or game art, for example, must have a foundation in certain artistic skills like sketching, sculpting and painting. Other degree programs in game development, software development and simulation and visualization require minimum foundations in mathematical skills like algebra II, precalculus and trigonometry. A foundation in programming is also recommended for these programs. Admission to these programs requires the completion of a math self-evaluation and a satisfactory score on a skills assessment test. At the graduate level, applicants to the Game Design Master of Science program must have completed extensive academic coursework in specific areas like computer animation, game art, game design, game development, mobile development or software development.

Transferring to Full Sail University

If you have been studying at a different university and wish to transfer credits to Full Sail toward the completion of a Bachelor of Science degree program, you need to have at least an associate degree or higher degree from another accredited postsecondary school. Additionally, your completed coursework must be relevant to the objectives of the Full Sail program, and you will be required to successfully complete three Full Sail courses to include college mathematics, computer science and internet and introduction to media arts. Transferring to Full Sail for a graduate program requires the completion of a bachelor's degree or higher, and it must be a degree with objectives that are like those of the Full Sail graduate program objectives.

Full Sail Credit by Examination Options

Full Sail offers online students with at least five years of experience in management or leadership the opportunity to earn credits by examination. To qualify for credit by examination, applicants need to submit their undergraduate transcripts along with a resume and a letter of intent. Applicants must earn a score of 85 percent or higher to receive credit, and exams can only be taken once. There is a maximum of five courses that can be considered for credit by examination in the graduate degree programs for business intelligence Master of Science, entertainment business Master of Science or internet marketing Master of Science.

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