As online teaching becomes increasingly prevalent among colleges and high schools across the United States, online elementary school education will also continue to grow. If you wish to teach elementary school children online and earn money for doing so, you need not wait. Opportunities currently exist for both professional educators and those who wish to teach or assist on a part-time basis. Obtaining one of these positions is simply a matter of the right preparation and credentialing.

Obtain a bachelor's degree. This will not be necessary for all online teaching opportunities, but it will be necessary if you plan on becoming a full-time online elementary school teacher. Most online teaching positions require that you have the same level of education as teachers who teach in the classroom in public schools in your state of residence. You do not necessarily have to pursue a degree in elementary education, but it is the easiest way to secure an online elementary teaching job.

Seek alternative or traditional teaching certification through your state's department of education. Certification is the process whereby the state examines your credentials and tests your knowledge of the field you intend to teach to determine your readiness to teach elementary school students. Traditional certification usually involves completing a teacher education program that is embedded in your bachelor's degree curriculum, followed by examinations testing your knowledge of elementary education. Alternative certification is similar, but usually involves completing the teacher education component after you have your bachelor's degree in addition to taking the certification exams. It is primarily designed for those who did not originally pursue a career in teaching.

Apply for online teaching positions. Online schools like K12 provide qualified teachers with an opportunity to work in a virtual classroom setting rather than teaching in the classroom. These positions often require that you have met all of the standards established by your state department of education including full teaching certification. They may also require three or more years of teaching experience, a high level of computer proficiency and the ability to work a flexible schedule.

Seek online tutoring positions. If you have an associate degree or bachelor's degree, or even a high school diploma with significant experience in an area that would be beneficial in elementary education, you may be eligible to become an online tutor. Online tutoring opportunities are offered through companies like Sylvan Learning and

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