The CLAD (cross-cultural language and academic development) certificate was created for teachers to be proficient in being in a classroom setting where multiple languages are spoken by the students. It is available online. The CLAD certificate is issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. As of June 24, 2006, the CLAD examination was replaced with a CTEL examination (California teacher of English learners).

Have a California teaching credential. To receive the CLAD certificate you must be a licensed teacher in the state of California. You do not have to be presently teaching to be eligible for a CLAD certificate. Visit the California Department of Education's website to obtain your teaching credential if you have not already.

Locate an online school that provides 12 or more higher-level graduate semester units of CLAD classes, which prepares you for CLAD certification. In order to meet the CLAD certification requirements, you must have taken a certain amount of courses. There are many online schools in California that offer this coursework. For example, Canyon College offers online CLAD programs. It takes approximately eight weeks per class to complete your CLAD requirements (four classes minimum).

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Prepare for the CTEL certification test. The scoring on all three tests will be scaled to 220, which is the minimum passing score. However you can score between 100 and 300 on each of the three subtests. You have five years to use each test towards your certification. The CTEL examination can be taken as often as needed in order for you to pass. Utilize the study guides on the CTEL examination website to be prepared for the test.

Apply for your CLAD certificate. Expect to pay a processing fee. Send in a copy of your CTEL examination scoring, the application and transcripts of the necessary coursework that you took online for the class certification.


  • There is a fee to take the CTEL examination, so be sure to visit the website for the California Teacher of English Learners website to determine the costs and test dates.

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