Dramatic play allows a preschooler to use his imagination, express himself and aid in his intellectual and language development. It’s utterly amazing that he can transform a box of clothing into a whole new world of possibilities. This role-playing and fantasy play can be a solo event or can be shared with others.


Dressing like a favorite pet or zoo animal can be a colorful adventure. A selection of fuzzy clothes, tails you can pin on and a splash of face paint and you’ve got yourself your own jungle animal or cuddly friend. This might just prove your theory that you live in a zoo!

Super Hero and Princesses

You can't get around it: Most kids love to dress up as superheroes and princesses. There’s nothing like saving the day or feeling beautiful in your ball gown. Obtaining different outfits and allowing your child to fight bad guys or get ready for the big day will keep them occupied for a while.

Community Helpers

Dressing up like different community helpers segues nicely into a discussion about people that help us. Collect a number of costumes, such as a doctor, fireman, police officer or mail carrier and allow your child to act out how they would help the community. It’s also a good idea to discuss what your child should do when they see these people. For example, tell them to not run and hide from a fireman or police officer in case of an emergency or if they are lost.

Dr. Seuss

Read several Dr. Seuss books to your preschooler. Collect several types of clothing and allow him to dress like his favorite Dr. Seuss character. This offers many possibilities. If you prefer, you can use a large piece of white construction paper and cut strips of red construction paper to glue on the white. Bring the short ends of the paper together in an overlapping fashion and tape or staple it together. Now you have your own Cat in the Hat outfit.

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