Standardized tests become a part of our everyday lives at a very early age. Depending on what field you decide to go into you could be taking test throughout your adult life. Two types of standardized tests are the IQ test and the Cognitive test. Both are used to measure different intellectual qualities.

Cognitive Test

Cognitive tests are used to measure a test taker's ability in whatever subject matter the test is designed for. A cognitive test can measure any number of mental skill sets, including academic readiness and psychological response. Many of the tests that are administered from elementary to high school are considered cognitive tests.

Types of Cognitive Tests

Two common types of cognitive tests are the ACT and the SAT. Both are used to measure academic ability prior to entering into higher learning. There are also a number of occupational cognitive exams. The military uses the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery to place future soldiers into a position they can handle. The Fire Service uses many different kinds of occupational cognitive tests. One widely used Fire Service test is the National Fire Service Selection Inventory Test.

IQ Test and Score

IQ stands for "intelligence quotient." An IQ is a number that is derived from a formula based on a test score. The number reached is supposed to represent where a test taker's intelligence ranks with the rest of society. To obtain an IQ you would test a subject on general knowledge and determine a grade-level age based on society norms. That number would then be divided by the subject’s age and multiplied by 100. A score of 100 would indicate that the test taker is of normal intelligence. Anything above 100 would indicate above-average intelligence and anything below would indicate below-average intelligence.

IQ vs. Cognitive Test

The primary difference between the IQ test and the cognitive test is its purpose. The cognitive test is designed to gauge a test taker's knowledge on a particular subject. The IQ test sets out to assign a number or rank to the individual's overall intelligence.

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