Vector Marketing is a company that hires representatives, many of them college students, to sell Cutco knives. Vector Marketing offers two annual scholarship programs to company salespeople each year through sales competitions. In addition, employees also compete for money that Vector Marketing pledges to donate to the schools they attend to fund institutional scholarship programs.


Vector Marketing offers two scholarship programs to sales representatives employed to sell Cutco knives. The All-American Vector Marketing Scholarship Program is available to employees in the United States. All-American Vector Scholarships are awarded on the basis of three annual sales campaigns. The Vector Marketing Canada Program also awards scholarships to Canadian sales representatives three times each year on the basis of annual sales campaigns.

Award Amounts

Through the All-American Vector Marketing Scholarship Program, the first place seller receives a scholarship of $1,000. Second place receives $900, third place $800, fourth place $700, and fifth place $600. Sixth through 10th place receive $500, and 11th through 25th receive $250 scholarships. During the summer sales campaign only, 26th place through 50th place will also receive $250 scholarships.

The Vector Marketing Canada Program awards $1,000 to the first place seller, $500 to second place, $400 for third place, $300 for fourth place and $200 for fifth through 10th place. In addition, during the summer sales campaign, 11th through 20th place will each receive $100 scholarships.

Eligibility Requirements

Only those students who meet the eligibility requirements will be allowed to compete for Cutco Vector Marketing Scholarships. To be eligible, undergraduate students must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours at their school, and graduate students must be enrolled at full-time status as defined by their institution. In addition, students must also still be active as Cutco sales representatives at the conclusion of the sales campaign. In order to receive a scholarship, sales representatives must submit a current college transcript and a current semester registration form.

Money for Schools

In addition to competing for individual scholarships, Cutco sales representatives compete for money for their schools. The Vector Marketing College Bowl Competition awards $45,000 to schools three times a year in three different categories: total sales per school, productivity per student at each school and total participating students at each school. Donations may go to general scholarship funds or to other funds that help students defray the cost of tuition.

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